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Z-Wave Z-Wave is a contact lens CAD/CAM (computer aided design, computer aided manufacture) system intended to aid the physician in addressing the vision problems associated with corneal irregularities. Z-Wave is comprised of the following: a corneal topographer, a computer with very sophisticated processing software, an advanced contact lens software design program, a state-of-the-art computer controlled manufacturing lathe, and a physician that is trained and experienced in traditional rigid contact lens fitting as well as the integration and application of the above mentioned constituents. Since computers and technology continue to advance very rapidly, Z-Wave is also a work in progress that continues to improve.
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Z-Wave is intended to address corneal irregularities. These irregularities can be from a variety of causes. Among the causes leading to these corneal irregularities, are many of the refractive surgery procedures, i.e. RK, LASIK, etc. People who have had a refractive surgery procedure may now be dealing with many different types of visual distortions. The symptoms can be blur, glare, multiple images, poor contrast, halos, starbursts, etc. Another source of these irregularities can be corneal transplants, which will also result in very distorted vision. Trauma or infections can sometimes leave scars in the cornea also causing these irregularities. Certain degenerative conditions such as Keratoconus or Pellucid Marginal Degeneration can cause very poor vision due to the unusual shape that the cornea assumes. All of these types of corneal conditions have traditionally been the most difficult group of conditions to properly restore 'functional normal' vision. Individuals who suffer with any of the aforementioned conditions would find the most benefit in Z-Wave.
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idea bulb For the first time optical correction can be given to these very distorted corneas thus restoring good, clear, functional vision, to the individual. Using this type of tool is a revolutionary approach to manage these very unique problems. Instead of attempting to fit these very irregular corneas into contact lenses of preconceived designs and shapes, we are now instead, starting with your eye, and letting it be the guide to the design and manufacture process. This is the first time in history that we have the technological foundation allowing this type of precision design and manufacture.
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The Z-Wave process starts with corneal topography. With topography, a digital "mold" is created of your unique eye. This is not a physical mold but rather a digital representation of your corneal shape summarized into a computer modeling system. With this "mold," the physician can use Z-Wave to design and manufacture the back surface of a contact lens that not only is rotationally asymmetrical, but can in fact follow the exact and unique contour of your cornea. The capability to design and manufacture rotationally asymmetrical lenses is a quantum leap forward for contact lenses. Since your eye was the guide, the resulting one-of-a-kind contact lens will now fit very well and therefore be comfortable, stable and healthy. Through the use of complex calculations, the "proper neutralizing prescription" can then be made onto the front surface of the contact lens thus providing clear vision. This manufactured contact lens is a unique and specific customized product for your eye. Prior to its manufacture, this specific lens has never existed before nor will it ever exist again unless an exact duplicate were required for your eye.
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Keratoconus Topography

Big Ben When will Z-Wave be available? Z-Wave is available now! Physicians started using Z-Wave January 2002.
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If you or someone you know has poor vision due to a corneal problem, Z-Wave may be the passport to restoring clear vision. Physicians educated and experienced in using the Z-Wave system can be found by searching the database below. More physicians are being added regularly, so if there isn't a physician geographically close enough right now, please check back soon.
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