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Have you had something happen to your eye that has resulted in a corneal scar? Traumatic injuries or infections would be common causes of corneal scarring. Often, after the trauma or infection is treated, the patient can be left with a scar that causes the corneal surface to be irregular. This irregularity in the cornea can result in significantly distorted vision. Corneal Scarring

Spectacles These types of distortions often cannot be properly corrected with eyeglasses. Standard contact lenses are also ineffectual in providing useful vision because they will not correct these types of distortions. Sometimes customized specialty contact lenses are used to try and restore more usable and normal vision. Even these lenses often will not satisfactorily address the issues of health, comfort and vision. Since these distortions are not corrected properly with eyeglasses or contact lenses, the individual is often left with an eye that provides either partially or entirely unusable vision. The limitations placed on the design and manufacture of contact lenses has been the factor preventing proper correction of these problems. Due to advancing technology these limitations no longer exist and so there is an answer.

The answer to these optical, technical and mechanical problems is Z-WAVE!

The Z-WAVE Solution Z-Wave Solution For Irregular Corneas

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