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Have you had corneal transplant surgery? Corneal transplant surgery is a procedure that replaces part of the patient's cornea with healthy, clear donor corneal tissue. The need for this can be due to a variety of reasons. For example, significant scarring, degenerative conditions, or damage due to trauma, all can result in the necessity for a corneal transplant. Cornel transplant surgery is generally a very successful procedure and in fact is the most successful of all the transplant surgeries. Although the procedure is very successful, the resulting quality of vision is usually poor. Corneal Transplant

Spectacles This is because the methods used to graft the donor cornea to the host cornea result in refractive error, including astigmatism, and sometimes irregular astigmatism. This resulting refractive error is not effectively corrected with eyeglasses. Standard contact lenses often fall short of adequately addressing these types of vision problems. Additionally, the irregular contour created at the junction of the host and donor cornea, makes fitting a contact lens very difficult. The ability to design and manufacture a contact lens that provides clear vision while also being comfortable and healthy has always been very challenging. Traditionally, customized contact lens designs were used to address both the unique vision and contour problems of the corneal transplant. Despite these designs, the imposed limitations of design and manufacturing have held back an ideal solution. By removing these limitations we now have an approach available that can meet the very difficult challenge of reaching these goals.

The answer to these optical, technical and mechanical problems is Z-WAVE!

The Z-WAVE Solution Z-Wave Solution For Irregular Corneas

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